package see

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Type Members

  1. trait Binding extends Resolver

    A Binding contains a mapping of variable names to actual values.

  2. class EvalError extends SeeException

    Failures encountered during evaluation

  3. trait INode extends AnyRef

    Pure interface that describes a node returned by the parser.

  4. trait IResult extends AnyRef

    Interface describing an evaluation result.

  5. trait JavaWrapper extends AnyRef

    A marker trait that is used to identify wrapped java methods.

  6. class ParseException extends SeeException

    Exception for failures encountered during parsing.

  7. trait Resolver extends AnyRef

    A Resolver enables See to perform sone kind of I/O.

  8. abstract class See extends Binding

    The See main class.

  9. class SeeException extends RuntimeException

    All errors encountered by see will be reported through this exception.

Value Members

  1. object Printer extends Resolver

    Included mostly for demonstration purposes.

  2. object See extends AnyRef

    See factory methods.